The town of Skrimsh is posting a notice to any party interested in cleaning out a troublesome underground structure. This discovery was located when foundations were being dug for an expansion of the outer wall. Because of its proximity to the town it is of utmost urgency that it be cleaned at once. This is no ordinary dungeon as the first group of explorers to go down was able to map a vast entry room before finding a set of ornate doors sealed and marked with an engraved stone tablet. Based on preliminary reports from their expedition Professor Shliet of the Skrimsh University believes this is the long searched for Unending Depths. The work of King Tlait in the 2nd empire. Having been built in a small ice age, it is believed to be the largest underground town ever constructed. Only halted when a collapsing floor opened into a hell den populating the town with Monsters overnight. It is believed it was sealed up to stave the monster attacks and that a large amount of wealth was sealed in its depths. If this is indeed the Unending Depths, than the Adventures who succeed will be rich indeed. Interested parties should contact Morthal, the town Mayor.

Parties will have to bid for the job.
If your bid is selected you will receive a contract allowing you exclusive access to the excavation for one month. After the months time the contract will need rebid.

As part of the contract free appraisal’s will be provided at the University. If professor Shliet determines the historical significance to the town is high, he will keep the items and provide a full cash payment to the adventurers.

Skrimsh is a town of 10,000 in the foothills of Daggers Peak. It has everything one could possibly need so unloading your treasure, relaxing in your off time; even partying with the locals is all within minutes of base camp.

The Unending Depths